Six Universities Including UCSD Receive Artemis Student Challenge Grants

Artemis Student Challenges - Courtesy NASA

NASA has selected six universities in the U.S. for $2.4 million in funding aimed at building interest in STEM subjects as well as the Artemis mission that returns humans to the moon.

The universities receiving the funds under The Artemis Student Challenges University of Hawaii, Honolulu and University of California San Diego, each of which will receive $500 thousand; University of Washington, Seattle, which will receive $499.9 thousand; University of Colorado at Boulder, which will receive $499.3 thousand; and University of Alabama at Huntsville and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, each of which will receive $200 thousand, it was announced.

The schools are expected to use the funds to create learning resources related to Artemis.

UCSD will develop a Lunar/Martian Lander skills competition, using existing technology to execute the competition in Earth’s gravity and atmosphere. The competition requires competitors to develop and demonstrate Artemis-relevant systems engineering skills by building a lander free flier and navigating it through a 3D obstacle course. This team includes a co-investigator from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, working in partnership with the Space Science Laboratory at the University of California, Berkeley.

“NASA is proud of this collaborative effort between the agency and our Space Grant partners,” said Mike Kincaid, associate administrator for NASA’s Office of STEM Engagement. “These opportunities will bring the excitement of Artemis and the future of space exploration to students nationwide.”

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