Report: Relativity Space and Lockheed Martin Team on 3D Rockets for NASA

Relativity Space - Courtesy

Relativity Space, an LA-based launch startup, has teamed with Lockheed Martin on 3D-printed rockets for NASA’s Tipping Point program, it was announced.

As reported in TechCrunch, the mission is a test of different cryogenic fluid management systems including liquid hydrogen, a volatile substance. The payload and the cryogenic systems will be designed and built by Lockheed and its partners at NASA, and Lockheed will work closely with its launch provider during development and especially in the lead-up to the actual launch.

Tim Ellis  the Relativity founder and CEO, said that the company’s approach of 3D printing is ready for the challenge.

He said the company’s 3D-printed approach enables it to print the entire fairing in under 30 days. Read the article at TechCrunch.

The NASA Tipping Point program is funding Lockheed with an $89.7 million contract for the experiment. The intent is to help tip promising technologies into commercial viability.