Minds Blown: SpaceX Starship Flips Out, Hits its Mark, But Explodes

A successful return to Earth but with an explosion - SpaceX

SpaceX Starship pulled off a maneuver that sent observers into orbit on Wednesday.

Launch-watchers have had their eye on Boca Chica, Texas, where Starship launched Wednesday. In a remarkable feat, and despite a fire in an engine, the Starship completed its test flight, finishing with a dramatic backflip and landing, but immediately exploding on impact upon return.

The launch of the monstrous rocket was monumental in itself, but to pull off — or almost pull off — a return landing marked by a new way to get the booster back to Earth, signaled a new era in space flight.

It’s not every day that one can include a malfunction that caused a fire on board a space ship a successful day, but it is the beginning of a long journey to Mars, observers said.

Watch the launch here: