Boeing and Healthe Inc. Team on UV Sanitizer for Aircraft

Boeing UV Wand demonstration - Paul Weatherman, Boeing

Boeing has entered into a patent and technology license with Healthe Inc. under which Healthe will manufacture an ultraviolet wand designed to sanitize airplane interiors.

Boeing designed and developed the UV wand as part of the company’s Confident Travel Initiative to support customers and enhance the safety and well-being of passengers and crews during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The UV wand is designed to be more effective than similar devices,” said Mike Delaney, who leads Boeing’s CTI efforts. “It quickly disinfects surfaces on an airplane and further strengthens other layers of protection for passengers and crew. Boeing spent six months transforming an idea for the wand into a working model, and Healthe will now take that prototype and make it available to the world at large.”

Healthe, of Cocoa Beach, Fla., will produce and distribute the commercial wand, helping airlines and potentially others fight the coronavirus pandemic. The technology could be available for airlines as early as late fall. The device is designed to serve as an additional sanitizing and protective measures already in place, including the use of high-efficiency particulate air filters which prevents particles from re-circulating back to the cabin.

The UV wand uses 222 nanometer UVC light. Research indicates 222 nanometer UVC inactivates pathogens effectively.

Using the self-contained apparatus that resembles a carry-on suitcase, crews can pass UV light over high-touch surfaces, sanitizing everywhere the light reaches. The UV wand is particularly effective in compact spaces and sanitizes a flight deck in less than 15 minutes.