Astronauts Give Viewers Special Tour of Crew Dragon Resilience

Mike Hopkins tour capsule - NASA

En route to a successful docking with the ISS, the four astronauts of Crew-1 mission, with the popular “Baby Yoda” mascot, gave lucky viewers a tour of in the inside of the Crew Dragon Resilience.

Using the “floater camera,” the crew of astronauts Michael Hopkins, Victor Glover, Shannon Walker and Soichi Noguchi took viewers inside the Dragon capsule, each giving a few facts about astronauts live inside the capsule until docking, which occurred Monday night.

Commander Michael Hopkins started the tour by showing viewers the touch screen displays in the cockpit.

“OK Everyone, Good morning good afternoon good evening and welcome on board Crew Dragon Resilience,” “Victor, Shannon, Soichi and I are very pleased to welcome you on board as we journey to the International Space Station currently we’re going to give you a little bit of a tour of our home for the next few hours as well.”

SpaceX Dragon Tour Victor Glover and Shannon Walker - NASA
SpaceX Dragon Tour Victor Glover and Shannon Walker – NASA

Hopkins showed viewers the cockpit and passed the tour to Victor Glover, who discussed the hatches and the different purpose each hatch serves.

“Hello Everyone, Victor here, Baby Yoda and I wanted to talk to you a little bit about the hatches, just about 24 hours ago we entered Resilience through this side hatch… When we dock to station we will actually leave and go into the ISS through the forward hatch.”

Soichi Noguchi showed view from the lower tier and the storage capabilities of the capsule. He pointed out a special refrigerator for “ice cream … No, no, science material, science material for the ISS,” he joked.

Walker showed invitees how the astronauts actually live on the capsule, including a vast array of storage bags and food and water stashes, some even including trail mix.

Hopkins and the crew also celebrated a special event, awarding Glover, an accomplished Navy pilot, his 100-kilometer gold pin.