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Boeing UV Wand demonstration - Paul Weatherman, Boeing

Boeing and Healthe Inc. Team on UV Sanitizer for Aircraft

Boeing has entered into a patent and technology license with Healthe Inc. under which Healthe will manufacture an ultraviolet wand designed to sanitize airplane interiors. Boeing designed and developed the UV …

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U.S. Air Force Celebrates 73rd Birthday as Telecommuting and Tech Shape Future

The U.S. Air Force Celebrated its 73rd birthday and looks ahead to many new developments, including an emerging era of telecommute-enabling technology. “Today is more than just the United States …

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Netflix Challenger Docu-Series - Courtesy Netflix

‘Challenger’ Docu-Series Rehashes the Past as Space Enthusiasm Flies High

Interest in space exploration and history has increased immensely since last summer’s historic NASA mission with astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley. America’s space program and the business of private …